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     UAB KAGNETA offers its customers the following high quality metalworking   services:

·         Metalworking, various metalworking services,

·         Metal shaping, all metal shaping services,

·         Milling, metal milling services,

·         Spot welding, metal welding services,


·         Metal threading,

·         Metal drilling,

·         Metal parts stamping,

·         Profile and sheet steel rolling.


·         Cutting and bending of various metal sheets and pipes,

·         Various metal coatings,

·         Metal zinc plating, oxidation, painting,

·         Metal cutting, heat treatment.


·         UAB KAGNETA stamping is made by 16T to 40T powermetal presses.

·         We use CNC and universal milling machines.

·         We use CNC, universal shaping and automatic shaping machines.

·         We use universal machines for low-volume manufacturing, CNC machines for high-volume manufacturing and automatic shaping machines for very big orders.

UAB KAGNETA will design and produce various non-standard metal articles. The company also offers design and manufacturing services of stamping and processing equipments. We are ready to share a number of years of our work experience in metalworking. We are sure we can accomplish any of your orders.

For your purchase UAB KAGNETA offers company-made stamps, various details, details for road constructions, grain crushers, bushings, shafts, flanges, our made various metal constructions, metal details and equipments, stainless steel and metal articles. We will design and manufacture various processing equipment according to your individual orders.

Design of stamps and stamping equipment – manufacturing and price.

UAB KAGNETA offers stamps adapted to each client‘s needs and their prices differ due to individual case. Stamps are manufactured up to two months.