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CNC and universal shaping. Automatic shaping.

For metalworking procedures we use CNC machines. It is a numerical volume control machines which help manufacturing profiles of various details with high degree of accuracy according to required dimensions. CNC machines are usually programmed for mass manufacturing of details and designs. We use universal machines for low-volume manufacturing, CNC – for high-volume manufacturing and autmatic shaping machines for very big orders.

Shaping is two-axis mashining. This method especially is used to shape round details. Shaping and turning methods are also used in machining various complex form constructions, short, long and large diameter parts such as shafts‘ type, various flanges, brackets and so on. Automated manufacturing using digital control allows continuous control of dimensions of machined details.

Company KAGNETA employs skilled engineers technologists who create metalworking programs that allow to transmit accurate information in the form of  modulated signals to the machine drive. Opportunity to manage CNC machines digitally provides a significant advantage in designing, shaping and milling various quantities of details and constructions of different characteristics and sizes .