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CNC and universal milling

Milling is three-axis machining. Small series of metal articles are machined by universal equipments, large series – by CNC machines. A special program is prepared to accomplish the order. When machining by universal machines, details fall instantly. CNC machines help to attain better and higher quality of metal articles. With the help of CNC milling machines we can machine not only simple steel but also non-ferrousmetals, hardened steel and other intractable metal constructions.

Milling helps us to mill contours, drill, thread, deepen, expand, shape and form various detail surfaces, such as flat, cylindrical or conical and various non-linear (horizontal and vertical) or inclined surfaces of details, straight or helical grooves, gear teeth, contoured and embossed surfaces of stamps and so on.

Our company’s engineers are competent in using advantages of CNC machines. Manufacturing process of metal articles is optimized in time, the planned accuracy of details’ dimensions is maintained and a great attention is kept on surfaces’ decoration. CNC machines enable us to work with various tools quickly and accurately which is especially important in milling because tools are tend to wear out. Digital control allows replacing the feed size of the worn out cutting tool in order to compensate the cut by a smaller diameter cutting tool. We use testing operations to ensure the perfect quality of metal articles.