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About us

The main UAB KAGNETA activity – metalworking, metal shaping, milling, threading, drilling, stamping, metal articles manufacture and all works related to metalworking. Our company can realise all your ideas considering non-standard metal articles, design and manufacture all special processing and stamping equipment necessary for your activity.  

We are running our company since 2001. Therefore we are old residents in metalworking market in Kaunas and whole Lithuania. The company employs qualified metalworking technology specialists, shaping, milling specialists with 15-30 years‘ work experience. Metalworking in our company is performed with quality, particular care and responsibility.

For KAGNETA activites we use our company-made metalworking equipment such as stamping presses. For your purchase UAB KAGNETA offers company-made stamps, various details, details for road constructions, grain crushers, our made various metal constructions and equipments. We will realise your various individual orders.

We offer our clients the following high quality metalworking services: various metalworking, all metal shaping and milling works, metal welding, threading, cutting, drilling, details stamping, profiles rolling, various metal sheets cutting and bending, zinc plating, metal heat treatment, various metal coatings.

If you are looking where you could purchase or manufacture stamping and other processing equipment in units or series, purchase various metal constructions and details or maybe order metalworking services, do not hesitate to contact UAB KAGNETA. Our company‘s skilled profesionals will provide professional advice and accomplish any your individual order.